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Instagram Well-being Team

instagram live

The social media and social apps, nowadays, have a great dominance upon people’s lives. People tend to consume social apps greedily; they spend many more hours every day. And apps and websites have a sort of hidden battle of gathering

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New ‘Focus’ and ‘Mention Sticker’ features on Instagram

Instagram Focus tool

As Instagram is always trying to please its innumerable worldwide users, every now and then, the notorious app presents new features that deserve experimentation with their characteristics, and limits as well. However, in the past days, Instagram stated the release

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Instagram adds a brand new twist: Boomerang and Superzoom

instagram stories Boomerang Superzoom

Since the release of Instagram stories, it has attracted a huge number of users who want to give it a shot. The new feature of Instagram that debuted back in 2016 has provided to be a fierce competitor to other

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Screenshot alert for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories screenshot alert

In the beginning of last month, February, Instagram started testing a new feature that is most likely to be very popular among its users, especially those who are always curious about who-viewed-my-profile kind of things. The new feature Instagram began

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Download Instagram and Check the Newest Feature

Instagram users

Users of Instagram, the social media platform which is owned by Facebook, have recently been introduced to a new, yet not very well received, feature. The new feature is called “recommended for you” and what it does is that it

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Download Instagram and install safetly app

instagram safe app

Instagram just announced its new, improved way to keep users’ conversations going through threads in the comments section on a post. Just like Facebook replies, we will be able to start a new thread in comments by choosing to reply

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Is Instagram Liable for the Thrive in kid’s Designer Clothes?

Kids Clothes instagram

The private style can be a boon when you consider the attractive stuff found online. However, the online places are quite crowded nowadays. Although, there is a little trick involved in driving the web world to go wild with the

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Instagram Launches Paid Post Labels

instagram paid labels

It’s no secret that Instagram is full of sponsoring- from photos to videos and everything in between. By law, sponsored posts that appear on social media sites are supposed to be announced as such, ad after the Federal Trade Commission

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Instagram updated “Direct Messages” to support different Photo orientations and Links

instagram direct MESSAGES

Not long ago, Instagram added a new feature known as “direct messages” better known as “DM” and it has become a very popular messaging platform among social network users. According to the latest stats released in April, it has over

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