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For quite a number of years, the Deezer’s music streaming app has been around. Although, compared to its rivals like the newcomer ‘Apple Music’ and Spotify – its subscriber base is small. Currently, Deezer Company is hoping to grow the number of its subscribers by partnering with a UK mobile network. It is partnering with Three, this round rather than Orange.

Existing and new customers on Deezer who have subscribed for pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts, and as well SIM-only deals will be able to get a free six-month subscription to the Deezer Premium+. Typically, this service cost 9.99 per month, which is the industry’s standard rate for an ad-free service for streaming music on the app. The free subscription is redeemable online as of now. The process of registration on this service is kind of clumpy, although presumably new Three customers will be taken through the entire procedure in the stores.

Last month, Deezer backed out of an IPO, although the company claims that it is presently well-positioned and well-funded to begin its growth again. This might not be easily done as said given the competition that is currently present in the music streaming apps market. Spotify is still the leading service in the sector, although there are companies like Google Play Music and Apple Music that are being packaged along with YouTube Music and YouTube Red in the United States.

Deezer is fighting alongside Rdio, Tidal, and other many music streaming services that are competing for both paying and free users. In the past, the company has found success by teaming up with networks from the European countries. For instance, a deal with Orange in France, appealed so many free and paying users. As per statistics, last June the company had got 1.5 million subscribers who were standalone, and a further 1.5 million subscribers who were ‘active bundles’ – who were using the music service through a mobile deal. Moreover, another 3.3 million users were not active, implying that they had access to the app but weren’t streaming music regularly.

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Due to the high competition that is present in the market, the partnership of Deezer with Three makes a lot of sense. Most of the network subscribers would want to try this service considering that it will be offered free despite weather they have ever had of it before. If it appeals them, most likely they will end up subscribing to the service after the lapse of the promotional period. The challenge lies on the fact that Spotify has got a similar deal with Vodafone presently.

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