Lenovo Smart Assistant: Clever Column



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Lenovo Smart Assistant: Clever Column

lenovo smart assistant clever column

Lenovo in collaboration with Amazon has developed a speaker Lenovo Smart Assistant, supporting the work of the voice assistant Alexa. This elegant device has a cylindrical shape, in which there are eight 360-degree microphones embedded with noise and echo reduction

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Download Pandora Internet Radio App and enjoy Free Music

pandora radio app free music

Pandora Radio App or Pandora Internet Radio App or Pandora App is one and the same thing. This app operated by Pandora Media, Inc. powered by the Music Genome Project is available only for the Australia, New Zealand, and the

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UK Free Deezer Music Subscriptions

Deezer APP

For quite a number of years, the Deezer’s music streaming app has been around. Although, compared to its rivals like the newcomer ‘Apple Music’ and Spotify – its subscriber base is small. Currently, Deezer Company is hoping to grow the

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Best Android Apps for Download Free Music in 2016


Many people have shifted from downloading music to streaming them by the help of services like Deezer and Spotify. Although, you might still want to download and keep your favorite tunes in your device so that you can listen to

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New Beats Stations from Apple’s Music Deals

beats radio

Whereas the Apple Music might have gotten off to a less than stellar start, the Apple’s 24/7 radio station Beats 1 has stayed to the peak. This has seen it quickly becoming the part of the service that is mostly

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