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Whereas the Apple Music might have gotten off to a less than stellar start, the Apple’s 24/7 radio station Beats 1 has stayed to the peak. This has seen it quickly becoming the part of the service that is mostly praised. Although, this might not be the only station that will be official from Apple for a lengthy time period. More so due to the fact that Apple has got the ability to offer an expansion in its lineup of Beats radio stations at their will as per the available sources.

Due to the fact that part of the deal that it struck with major labels for the Apple Music Radio, the company has got upto 5 additional stations such as the Beats 1 currently. This is without having any renegotiations with the labels. This implies that Apple can consider launching Beats 2 station that can be headquartered in Asia or Australia. This will allow it to offer live radio across the clock bearing in mind that Beats 1 is only available for live services for only 12 hours a day. Apple could also produce holiday stations by taking some more targeted options.

Beats 1 Stand as the Most Successful Part of Apple Music So Far

Regardless of the bumps along its way, Apple has proved that it can take a format that is aging and then repurpose it with lots of great success. This is bearing in mind the fact that many people had the expectation of a radio station on the Apple Music to be something else other than an afterthought. According to sources, Apple would like to expand its beats lineup in the future.

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The labels are high pleased of the Apple Music’s progress although they have still taken a wait to see the approach as per the sources of the industry. The labels are still so reluctant to make any judgments till the trial period ends, although they understand that Apple Music has gained lots off substantial numbers of users.

Due to the launch of Apple Music, they hasn’t been any considerable drop of downloads in iTunes something that stands out as very great news for Apple. As per the sources, iTunes downloads have been decreasing over time even before the launch Apple Music. These sources also indicated that more and more people are still signing into the Apple Music.

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