Vivo Apex is the Newest Vivo Flagship

Vivo Apex

The official announcement concerning the release of the Vivo Apex included information about a Snapdragon 845 in the newest flagship. Much to the dismay of many, however, very few specs were actually provided. The company went on to say that the press would be notified, as would other various publications, as the smartphone makes its way closer to the actual launch date. That date, as reports would have it, is estimated for June 12.

Specs On the Vivo Apex

Other specs for the Apex show a 2.80 GHz clock speed as well as 8 gigs of RAM. These specs are only seen in the most impressive variation of the OnePlus 6, but it appears that the same hardware will exist in the Vivo Apex as well.

While there is no particular word of the battery size on this model, we do know that the screen is a 5.99-inch, which is more than capable of holding bigger cells. We expect nothing less in the Apex.

It currently looks as though the Apex will be capable of dual SIMs and will feature a customized Android version known as the Funtouch OS 4.0. Few have heard of this particular interface but it is important to note that it is nowhere near as cluttered as some of the skins being seen in LG and Samsung. On the other hand, you cannot really expect a nice clean look like you would get with the OnePlus Oxygen OS.

This model will also sport a screen to body ratio of ninety-one percent, as there are no actual buttons to be found anywhere. Some reports have even gone so far as to say that the screen to body ratio will be more along the lines of ninety-eight percent. In addition to a nice design with an all-screen front, you will also be able to look forward to the fingerprint scanner being featured in-screen as well as a nice pop up camera.

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The unveiling of this flagship phone is being prepared with an ad campaign that is set to be featured during the 2018 FIFA World Cup season. The Vivo phone line is currently sold in Asia predominantly, and it is currently unknown whether or not the Apex will see an international release.

There is also no mention yet of a price range yet, but we can assume that the technology and engineering skill required for a truly bezelless handset are not going to come cheap.

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