Buy new Apple Airpods 2 !



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Buy new Apple Airpods 2 !

Buy new Apple Airpods 2 ! Apple AirPods 2 1

The new Apple Airpods were teased by the tech giant company for months before release, much to the excitement of their customers. Everyone from seasoned tech professionals to the average citizen has been anticipating getting their hands on the new

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Apple Investor’s Nearing Panic

iPhone X panic

It is likely that you won’t be seeing the iPhone X for very much longer. Many iPhones have long life and usage spans, however, it is expected that the iPhoneX will be around this year and gone the next. Gordon

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Best Modern Smartphones to Buy

Best Modern Smartphones Buy

Every brand of mobile manufacturers is competitively producing brands of their phones in daily basis. Big corporations like Samsung, Apple, Android and Oppo in China are introducing new brands of smartphones into the market with varied features, operating systems, cost

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Apple, Samsung and Amazon are the Best Tablets to Buy in 2017


While shopping for a tablet, it is difficult to know where to start the process. There is a large number of things which must be taken into consideration like the mobility, budget, the life of the battery, and basic usage

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What is OLED challenge for Apple’s iPhone 8 ?

apple iphone  OLED

Apple is facing the problem of OLED panels that they are not getting the sufficient amount of OLED panel that much they need. Reports are suggesting that Apple is trying to acquire 70 million OLED panels to use it in

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Everything you should know about Macbook Pro 2017

macbook pro

The Macbook pro is a 15 inches apple laptop that was released towards the end of 2016. However, it features great specs like the touch bar and a super slim, lighter design and much more, which makes it one of

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Apple iOS 9.3 and the Night Shift Feature

Night shift IOS

Most of the users of products from the Apple are wondering what new features they should anticipate in the near future. Well, the Night Shift is one of those anticipated features that comes in iOS 9.3. As a feature, it

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How to Set up, Configure, Secure and Share with iMessage

ios imessage

It is very easy to start using iMessage app right out of the box. However, you will first need to configure a few things. You will only have a few steps to complete before you will be sending different kinds

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New Beats Stations from Apple’s Music Deals

beats radio

Whereas the Apple Music might have gotten off to a less than stellar start, the Apple’s 24/7 radio station Beats 1 has stayed to the peak. This has seen it quickly becoming the part of the service that is mostly

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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