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Many people have shifted from downloading music to streaming them by the help of services like Deezer and Spotify. Although, you might still want to download and keep your favorite tunes in your device so that you can listen to them when offline. The following are some of the best free Android apps that you will perfectly use to download your free music in this 2016 year:

4shared Music App

4shared Music offers you with a vast library of music that is free. The last time that I checked, its library had close to 6 million tracks. With this app, you will easily search your favorite music across the enormous 4shared database of tracks. It will then filter searches so as to display only the MP3 files. All the music that you will download will automatically be added to a 15GB cloud folder of 4shared. This cloud folder is available for listening while you are offline. In any case, you can still add your personal tunes to this folder too.

RockMyRun App

The RockMyRun app allows you to download music so as to access and play them while offline. You can also cache these tracks. The app will also deliver DJ-mixed playlist for our workout soundtracks and much more. With this feature you can easily match your Beats-Per-Minute to your heart rate and as well consider filtering your playlist length so as to match your workout. MyBeat feature of this app allows you to automatically change the tunes so as to suit your current state while working out.

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Google Play Music App

The Google Play Music serves as the Google Market Place for music and your favorite tracks for Android. It will also offer you with some free albums and songs that you can consider downloading. It is one of the top Play Store Apps that you should consider downloading. On its own, the Google Play Music is a music player.

Palco MP3 App

Palco MP3 serves as a free platform that offers independent Brazilian Musicians a place to share their songs to the world. This app has got over 100,000 artists that are spread over a wide array of genres. With it, you can download your favorite tracks on your smartphone and listen later while offline or consider curating a playlist of your favorite tunes. Palco MP3 have genre like electronica, hip hop, bossa nova, samba and much more.

Advanced Download Manager App

Advanced Download Manager provides you with the opportunity to download upto three tracks simultaneously and seamlessly. This is including MP4s and MP3s. The app has also included quite a number of settings that allows you to customize how you download these files including but not least to speed limits for these downloads. With it, you will also experience fast download speeds.

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