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Imo for windows

Just like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Hike, “IMO” the instant messaging mobile app now has a PC edition for Windows that you can use to make voice calls or video calls from your desktop or laptop. IMO is as fun and engaging as other social media apps.

Want to play with your friends? Call your family while you are away from home? Or maybe just a light chat? IMO have all this available for you and more. And now, with the Windows edition out there, use IMO from a bigger screen and more stable device. IMO’s PC edition is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, also compatible with Linux and Mac operating systems, and it is completely free. While Whatsapp is a great, widely spread instant messaging app, video calls are still not available on it. Whereas IMO enables you through its Android and PC editions to make video calls no matter what device you or the other side you are talking to are using.

The cool app allows its users to overcome the language barrier with a feature that translates messages before sending them with a click on the translator icon. The desktop version has about 30 translation downloaded and available offline for the user.

The latest updated version of IMOMessenger for 2017 has had the group chat feature added to it, which the only thing that was missing from Whatsapp in IMO features.

In regards to privacy, have no worries whatsoever. Your call, audio or video, and text messages are encrypted on IMO, ensuring the safety of your data at all times you will be using the instant messaging app.

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IMO Messenger Edition for Windows

In case you decide to check out the mobile app version, once the app is downloaded and installed on your phone it will ask for your phone number to create a new account for you, then it sends you an SMS with a verification code that you’ll use to activate your account by coping it to the app.

IMO will also need permission to access your contacts. Allowing that will give IMO the ability to have a list of your contacts ready for you to choose from and start chatting right away if they have the app too, or send them invitation to join you if they don’t. The app will also prompt for notification access to be able to alert you when there is new message or an incoming call.

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