Xiaomi flagship phone Mi 6 and Mi 6 plus


Previously Rumors suggested that Xiaomi flagship phone Mi 6 and Mi 6 plus would launch on 11 April. But after a Weibo blog post which confirmed that launch date has delayed. India Today Tech confirmed that successor of Mi 5 will launch in late April. Company’s CEO also said that Mi 6 would launch in April. Now the official date is 19 April.

Rumors suggest that Mi 6 or whatever will be its name will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. It will have 6 GB of RAM,  and an internal memory of 256 GB. Some reports suggest that Xiaomi will not use Snapdragon 835 in the upcoming phone, instead of it they will use SD 821 processor which is Qualcomm second best processor. The price of the base model of next flagship will be around CNY 2,199 and for the upper variant which is Mi 6 plus the cost will be around CNY 3,699.

The main difference between Mi 6 and Mi 6 plus is of their screen sizes. Mi 6 have 5.15 inches display while Mi 6 plus have 5.7 inches display. But some reports suggesting that Mi 6 plus will have a bigger battery than Mi 6.

Xiaomi is conscious about its new flagship in Asia. But Xiaomi is good in the Asian market for selling of budget phones, not good for high-end phones. The future of Xiaomi’s high-end devices is not clear yet.

One variant of Mi 5 was not launched in India and Hugo Barra, former Xiaomi VP said that it is the company’s mistake to not launch a 64GB variant of Mi 5. Many buyers of Mi 5 is not impressed with the 32GB variant of Mi 5 because they think the price is too high for a 32 GB variant which is Rs 24,999.

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At present, Mi 5 is a phone which is the pack of 5.15 inches display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Qualcomm’s SD 820 quad core processor which clocked with 1.2 gigahertz is used in Mi 5. Rear camera of Mi 5 is 16 megapixel with face detection autofocus, 40-axis optical image stabilization and LED flash. A 4-megapixel front camera is used in MI 5 with 36 smart beauty profiles.

The successor of Mi 5 is definitely a blast and quite possibly support features better than this. We are waiting for the launching date of Mi 6

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