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The Boston-based VentureApp is hunting to make business messaging cooler, by simply becoming the operational chat hub for its users’ expert contacts and business wants. To do so, the firm has raised over $4 million in fund-raising headed by Accomplice, with deal from Fullstack Ventures, Boston Seed Capital and a full veer of angels.

VentureApp was linked with creator Chase Garbarino about a year ago. At all this time, the company was dedicated on making a marketplace of service givers for small companies, mainly those aiding the startup community.

A lot has improved since then; while some businesses were taking gain of the marketplace to find solicitors or other proficient services, the most common part of the contribution was a messaging tool the firm had made into its platform.

Rather than create sharing messages just an aspect of the bigger platform, the people at VentureApp decided to dual-down on messaging, because the present is no truly great app for chatting with folks in your expertise network.

So far, the amenities we use to converse have mostly been separated between those we use for private and professional communications. But while public messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook‘s have grown rapidly, the messaging aspects of LinkedIn have persisted largely still. Worse, since most communication that occurs on LinkedIn is uninvited posts from recruiters or other junk, it ends up typically being disregarded.

VentureApp wants to offer a new messaging interface for all your professional connections. When you sign in, you can link your email associates from Gmail, Outlook or Google Apps, and upload your connections from LinkedIn. And once that is through, you can start conversing with anyone in your professional connection.

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Unlike LinkedIn, where spam messages are sent all the time, VentureApp is expecting to help users evade unwanted messages. Users can reach out to connections and service workers, but service workers cannot reach out to them. In addition, all conversations are opt-in, so you must pick to agree a communication from another user before a chatting begins.

While LinkedIn allows people to quest its network as well as send InMail and it makes money, VentureApp is taking the reverse method, it is charging companies who wish to have an existence on the app to enable potential clients to find them.

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The firm has gently grown to a crew of 30 since it was founded, with 200 paying companies presenting business centers on the platform. With the capital, the team plans to last adding aspects, including making a mobile messaging app.

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