WhatsApp New 2018 Personalized Stickers

WhatsApp New 2018 Personalized Stickers whatsapp stickers new 1

In 2018, the viral messenger WhatsApp has faced quite the dilemma when its platform and millions of its users were threatened by the spread of fake news, misinformation, hate messages and the various types of misuses of the chatting app. However, as WhatsApp is starting to recover from the horrific results of misusing the platform, developers at the company are not slowing down the release of any new features or services in order to keep the WhatsApp messenger the no. 1 messaging app for the majority of the customers.

Recently, with the release of the new WhatsApp version, the company introduced a new stickers library beside the emojis and the GIF buttons that brings about not only a readymade set of stickers and emotive faces but it also allows the user to create his own stickers if he happens to be unsatisfied with the current bundle of WhatsApp stickers. The WhatsApp newest version 2.18 introduces the new stickers feature and grants the users the ability to create and customize their own personalized stickers as well.

Once the user updates his WhatsApp to the latest version, he’ll be introduced with the new stickers library that comes with some already-created and differently versatile emotions from which he can choose the best suited to his chats; on the other side of the equation, if not satisfied with the huge variety of WhatsApp stickers you can get more options and results via the online store – whether it’s Play Store or App Store or any other apps source.

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On the online store, the user will find the newly launched “WhatsApp Stickers” app that presents an immense collection of stickers that can be deployed in the WhatsApp chatting sessions easily once the new app is purchased. Moreover, by using the new “Whats-App Stickers” app, the user can create his own emojis and emotive stickers by following a couple of steps.

Firstly, the user has to have a couple of selfies and personal pictures that are going to be used to create the personalized emojis; after taking a couple of pictures, and the user is satisfied with the faces he’s created that are going to be converted into a bundle of stickers, then he’ll have to download an eraser app that is utilized to clear and erase the background of the pictures. After clearing and blurring the backgrounds of the pictures, the user can then use the “WhatsApp Stickers” app that’s going to automatically transform the prepared pictures into new emojis and add them to the WhatsApp account of the user. When the newly individualized stickers are added, the user can easily utilize his new emotive faces in his WhatsApp messages. Download and get all of them right now !!

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