WhatsApp New 2018 Personalized Stickers



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WhatsApp New 2018 Personalized Stickers

WhatsApp New 2018 Personalized Stickers whatsapp stickers new 1

In 2018, the viral messenger WhatsApp has faced quite the dilemma when its platform and millions of its users were threatened by the spread of fake news, misinformation, hate messages and the various types of misuses of the chatting app.

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Snapchat Stickers Could Be Coming to AR

Snapchat stickers

Snapchat stickers have been a popular way to edit photos since they were first released. They have been such a hit that Snapchat Inc (formerly just Snapchat) is thinking of bringing them into augmented reality. So far, there is only

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Different Types of Sticker Packs Available on Viber App

stickers image

Apart from the Public Charts feature of Viber app, it adds additional savor to your messaging recipe. As those who develop the app keep including more and more unique sticker packs to the app, there are more than 500 different

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Kik Messenger – The All New Messenger App

kik messenger

Sharing is finding a new way with the Kik Messenger application. It is the only messenger in the market these days which comes with a built in browser. It is the first such application to possess this type of facility. This software

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