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GroupMe sends messages, pictures, videos, and files all over Wi-Fi or data to bypass any kind of SMS or MMS pathway. GroupMe is a group messaging application owned by Microsoft. This means messages are pretty much sent instantly to the recipients in the group and you do not have to worry about if the other person actually received you message or not, a problem that commonly exists between Android to iOS SMS and MMS messaging.

GroupMe has a plain UI and really is not much to look at, but it does what it needs to do and that’s what matters. It also comes with a web client that can be used on both Windows and Apple desktops and laptops. Now GroupMe does not come jam packed full of features like Google’s Allo and especially Facebook’s Messenger, but it does come with a pretty unique feature for what it’s worth: a meme maker.

Install GroupMe

After a fresh install of GroupMe you will be greeted with a little tutorial introducing you to the meme maker, which can be a fun way to share photos for a laugh every now and then, or maybe it’s just a novelty, depends on how much you use it.

But one of the better features about the application is that if someone does not have the application installed, they can still reply and receive messages through the same group but they will be received as a SMS message and the messages they send will be converted back to a messenger message for those who have the application installed.

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Again, there’s not much differentiating this service from the ones it’s competing with, but it holds its own and it works well with handling group messaging as it should with a name like GroupMe. The SMS fall back it offers is very good, it is a nice way to keep everyone who needs to be in touch. Having to use the SMS fallback is obviously not ideal, but it’s there for a reason and it separates it from the others because most do not provide this service.

If you need a good messenger to keep your group of friends together and you are all not on the same platform, this is a great option and more than likely your friends will already be registered on it, as it is a pretty popular messenger.

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