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As part of the steps in making life easier for Facebook users without leaving the safe confinement of their social network, Facebook has added another feature that allows user to order food online without needing to log out of their account. As we know, in recent weeks that the company has added more features to both their web and mobile page and even has updated their Messenger app with the aim to improve user experience and to be at the top of the market always.

For this reason, the company has added a new feature to their App to make it easier for users to order food from their favorite restaurant within the app. The feature is now available on both the mobile App, the web page for some selected users, and it is represented with a Hamburger icon for those using desktop and a white-and-blue hamburger for those using the mobile app. The feature, which is known as “Order Now”, allows the user to order food from their favorite restaurant by using Slice or

In October 2016, Facebook signed a deal with and Slice and this allowed Facebook users to order food online from their own Facebook pages through “Start Order” button that was created then but it allows users to order food from supported Restaurants.

Although the features look the same but it is easier now because it lists all the restaurant together on a page with all required data like price range, Photos, star rating and cuisine type also it will also indicate if the order will be delivery to you, pickup by you or both are available. However, with this entire feature, you can now easily select the one you preferred most by clicking the “Start Order” button.

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According to a Facebook user who recently uses the feature, He said the process to follow was so easy because you can easily browse the menu, add and edit your shopping cart and even add suggested tips before paying using Facebook, which is powered by either Slice or Amazingly, the feature is more secure than we expect it to be because it allows you to confirm your order via your email address before you can get your delivery.

According to Sources that are familiar with the product that the feature is just in beta and it is likely that some will not see it and it is only available for those in the United States.

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