iPhone 8 or-and iPhone X and the new No Home Button


Unlocking the beauty of the new iPhone 8 (or/and iPhone X). What to expect from its design this year? How is it different from others? Is it worth your hard-earned money? Apple once again will surprise the world with its new iPhone release to mark down their 10th anniversary.

The all new iPhone 8 is expected to offer us a complete redesign of what it has already delivered before. With its main feature, through facial recognition technology, Apple aims to use a built in Touch ID on the screen instead of the physical Home button which previous iPhone releases were known for. Though it is a big challenge for them, Apple won’t stop until it unfolds nothing but the best for its consumer.

Talking about its design, the new iPhone 8 offers an edge-to-edge glass body that was similar to the body of iPhone 4, leaving behind the aluminum design used in other iPhone. Apple’s intent is to offer a better display with contrast ratio higher than the previous releases through a flexible OLED display instead of a typical LCD. Also, its consumer is expected to be surprise with the “wireless” charging feature as with the Apple Watch. Not to mention that this device consumes less power. This is really WOW! Still a water resistant device, storage and memory upgraded starting from 64GB and 3GB of RAM (at least), and will use iOS 11 we are all excited for. Say hello to smarter Siri, one of the best feature of iPhone. Probably one of the best iPhone has yet to offer.

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And here we go with the price talks. Well, the real question is not really about the price but on how much you really want to pay. Roughly, this new iPhone device is said to sit at around $1200.  Well, not bad if it will meet all your dreams on a smartphone. As one of the leading smartphone across the world, Apple are eyeing to bring back once again the glory of iPhone. Though everything about iPhone 8 is yet to announce, everyone is thrilled and that is for sure. More cool stuffs for the next iPhone technology.

Safe to say, iPhone 8 will be released before the end of the year. With all the speculations and rumors spreading around, we are certain that this will be a great success for iPhone 10-year journey in the industry.

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