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Despite of announcing killing off its famous, once popular instant messaging platform, Yahoo Did not switch off Messenger entirely. You can still use Yahoo Messenger through the yahoo mail page in your browser. There is even a mobile app that you can get on app store if you are still that attached to it or if you are just nostalgic.

Not only nostalgic users will benefit from Yahoo letting its Messenger to live on, reportedly, oil trading industry is very reliant on Messenger as well. A lot of those who work in ship fuelling business are still using Yahoo Messenger, although they tried to abandon it in favor of the Microsoft-owned application “Skype”, they went back to using Yahoo Messenger as Skype did not meet the complicated criteria of the industry.

New Yahoo features

On a more recent update after the circulating news of killing it off, Yahoo has added a few updates and features to its Messenger. One of the biggest of these updates is “read receipts” feature, which lets you know that the other person has received and read your instant message, much like the double blue ticks in Whatsapp. You can also tell when the other person you’re chatting with is typing now by the new “typing indicator”.

An older update has been added last year that enables users to share photos and GIFs instantly via messages. Then Yahoo added a drag-and-drop feature to make things easier for users when sharing multiple photos, as well as the “reaction” addition that makes users like images or posts from their friends. But the biggest update of them all is the “unsend” feature which lets you delete or take back a regrettable message or a photo or GIF you shouldn’t have sent. Almost no other Chatting app has this life saving feature except for Skype.

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The updates are available on Apple’s app store, Google’s play store, and the desktop application, so download the Messenger mobile app or open the desktop application and check them out!

Massive security attack

Due to a massive hack that compromised one million Yahoo accounts, Verizon reworked its entire deal and bought Yahoo’s core operating business for $4.8 billion in a sad turn for the internet giant that once was as big as Facebook and Google, if not bigger.

Yahoo started in 1994 working as a directory for other websites. Until now, almost one billion users are still using Yahoo services every month.

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