HTC U12 and HTC U12 Plus

HTC U and HTC U Plus

The HTC company has been teasing the customers all over the world about the official launch of the upcoming HTC U12 or U12 Plus. However, rumors doing the rounds assume that the product/s are supposed to be unveiled later this May. Nevertheless, after the multiple speculations about the plans of HTC to introduce the customers with a unique descendant to the HTC U11, the audience finally gets the chance to deem the new U12 as unique or not.

The HTC have decently succeeded to shield its new product, HTC U12, til the release date is near enough to officially make some statements about the specifications and features of the new smartphone. For instance, the HTC U12 features two cameras – 16 and 12 megapixels each; and the smartphone has a fingerprint scanner that is perfectly centered in the phone’s body.

Additionally, the HTCU12 measures 6 inches in total with an aspect ratio of 18:9; also, the HTC-U12 is expected to flaunt a Snapdragon 845 processor and a RAM of 4 gigabytes. Besides, the U12 is going to have an expanding 32 gigabytes of storage space, a battery endurance of 3420 mAh and a water resistance level of IP68.

Moreover, there are rumors that the HTC U12 is going to be a squeezable one just like the former sibling HTC U11, which is going to grant the customer the ability to carry out a lot more actions via the device’s squeezable feature that lasts a specific amount of time. And the HTC U12 is going to sport an Android 8.0 Oreo as well.

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Weirdly enough, some speculate that HTC may change the name of the upcoming product – so we may not receive the HTC U12 in this specific name afterall. Yet, the product that’s supposed to hit the markets by the end of May is probably the HTC U12 Plus, and there aren’t any official statements that a main HTC U12 is going to be released. Also, the price of the upcoming HTC smart product hasn’t been made official as of yet; thus, the masses only have to wait a little bit longer til the HTC company reveals the official information about the price and the brand name of the yet-to-come smartphone.

However, if the audience is going to receive a successor to the former HTC U11 or not, the newly created HTC product may hopefully possess some extra features ranging from better camera and selfie shots – perhaps more filters as a bonus – to a substantially enhanced battery life – a battery that lasts near a day long is apparently the new trend. All in all, by the end of May, all of the features of the upcoming HTC smartphone shall be unleashed.


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