HTC U12 and HTC U12 Plus



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HTC U12 and HTC U12 Plus

HTC U and HTC U Plus

The HTC company has been teasing the customers all over the world about the official launch of the upcoming HTC U12 or U12 Plus. However, rumors doing the rounds assume that the product/s are supposed to be unveiled later this

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HTC phone’s keyboard is irritating users with the ads

htc keyboard ads

You are working smoothly on your HTC phone but suddenly an unwanted ad disrupts you. It not only breaks your flow but also irritates you. These without warning ads are due to low price or free apps. HTC uses an

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What will you get in next flagship of HTC? HTC U


Next month, you can see the HTC upcoming smartphone with rumor name U or Ocean or Ocean note. Many websites released specs sheet of this HTC U and the highlighted feature in every report is its “Edge Sense”. Antutu showed the specs

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LG, HTC, Coolpad and TCL are competing for Google Pixel 3 contract

google pixel

Big brands like LG, HTC, Coolpad, and TCL are competing with each other to get the contract from Google for the next to next Google Pixel which is Google Pixel 3 which may be released in 2018 anytime. You heard right

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HTC Reveals Vive Ecosystem Conference

HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference

According to rumors, the HTC Corporation may not have a large Western Developers Conference the same way Oculus does with Connect as it plans, but it is preparing for a big show for China for few days to come.

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Under Armour launches HTC Android Smartwatch

htc halfbeak smartwatch

HTC is currently not doing so well in the smartphone world so they are trying to do a comeback with a new line of products. One of these products is apparently going to be a new Android smartwatch produced together

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HTC 10: HTC Tipped To Discard One M Moniker


The Taiwanese mobile devices manufacturer, HTC, has trailed a very long way from just calling the HTC’s the next generation flagship to a much more recognizable and logical One M10. With its weird-sounding perfume filed under – we should call the

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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