How to Be on Whatsapp Messenger without Mobile Number

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Whatsapp has emerged as one of the most popular and useful apps in today‘s technology world. With its number of users crossing the billion and increasing all the time, it is on the way to becoming the world‘s giant. However, Whatsapp Messenger provides many services to its users and constantly improves the performance of the some features, making them better and attractable. At the same time, costumers are grateful for total safety and security of the personal data on this app.

When you enter Whatsapp Messenger, the first thing you have to do is finding friends on the network. In these purposes, customers have to give their numbers and let the others find them or ask someone else to find them by the personal phone number. In the following rows, we will discuss how you can use Whatsapp Messenger without obligation to give a personal phone number.

If the users want to try with this step, the first thing includes uninstalling Whatsapp from the smartphone gadget. After uninstalling it, the following step requires downloading the app again or reinstalling it on the same phone device. While you doing it, make sure that the smartphone stays on flight mode, which provides preventing any message to enter the device. When you finish these, type any number in the required field of the app and the number will be accepted without any verification message. By the way, you will not be in a position to use Whatsapp Messenger if  you missed verification process. The next step includes Whatsapp changing its strategy and asking customers to verify app through the SMS. In this way, users might give personal emails, not allowing Whats up to find out their phone numbers.

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The process of using Whatsapp Messenger without a phone number additionally requires following much more than previously said activities. After you have done aforementioned, press set option and then cancel button. With these steps, the process of authorization stops and you are secure. However, the next thing includes searching for and installing the another app – Spoof text message. By installing it, you will need to create a message to the specific number (+447900347295) and fill the personal phone number and email. The process finishes with the completion of  previous steps and customers are able to use Whatsapp completely safe and free.

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