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Huawei, one of the prevalent mobile phone dealers in the world caused a shock when it launched the latest brand of Smartphone referred to as Honor that the main company described as a brand run by millennials for the millennials. Honor 8 is the latest flagship unveiled by Huawei and it is almost the same as the Huawei P9 that was launched in April this year. 

While the initial boost of Honor came as its handsets were normally seen as more reasonably priced compared to the big and expensive brands on the market, Honor 8 intends to change this with a much superior price tag and a corresponding upgrading in hardware.

Both moves intends to seal the position of Honor in the market as a serious player with a comprehensible purpose: get a hold of a larger piece of the inexpensive  but first-class Smartphone market and stop others — like OnePlus and Xiaomi — from growing their marketplace share.

The Design

The Honor 8 is an all-glass corral with round edges and makes use of a 3D prism effect covered in 15 layers of completed glass. Going by the report from Honor, the ergonomic, grooved shape ensures a steadier group and smoother feel.


On the other hand, this particular one slides easily over any smooth surface like most handsets with a glass back and it already fell on the floor a few times, making a sleeve or case must buy. It features a USB Type-C port at the base like all latest high-end Smartphones, This is where the audio ports and the speakers are located.

You can locate a fingerprint reader at the back jointly with two 12-megapixel sensors. It also has an 8-megapixel camera that faces the front.

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Moreover, it has a 5.2-inch screen having a full HD resolution, providing as many pixels as a good number of high end laptops. Honoe 8 Smartphone supports two SIM cards at the same time even though only one of them is 4G friendly and you can only use one if you want to make use of the microSD card slot. As far as connectivity is concerned, you get the full hit thrown in: an IR blaster, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, Glonass, GPS, USB and even 802.11ac.

This Smartphone runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Honor having dedicated to conveying updates for the handset until 2018. It implemented Emotion UI 4.1      from Huawei as anticipated, which implies that there is no app drawer and the additional customization in the skin means that there will always be less performance.


With notable exception of the BlackBerry Priv, this new phone is a fantastic and matchless business Smartphone just like any other Android handset you can get on the market today. Its slide out keyboard makes it a stand out product for businesses and first choice for enterprise buyers. It comes with a free support line in the UK and a two-year warranty.

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