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Discord is the application that helps the gamers to chat with each other. It was launched on May 13, 2015. It can be used on mobiles and computers but for using it is important to make an account.

As everyone knows that children are fond of playing games whether they are outdoor or indoor. But recently children are fond of only video games and games available on mobiles and their computers. Parents are happy that children are sitting in front of them and are safe but most of the parents are much concerned about this issue that they don’t know what their children are watching and what are they learning out of it.

What are Parent’s view about Discord

Most parents are worried that their children are exposed to everything but in the use of Discord, there is no need to be worried about because here you can block a person or deny their request. It is almost hard to find someone on Discord.

Some parents are happy with this app because it is ad-free so there is no mental distraction available for children. Because Psychology says that ads have a slow impact on our minds.

One of the issues parents are worried about this app is that they say that the company is not limiting the adult material. Because everyone can make a server on Discord and children less than 18 years are also making their accounts then they have access to every kind of material. But the answer to this question is they have a “Parent’s Guide to Discord” that tells the parents how to set up your account and once made then the child can’t make changes in it. So if parents have made the account carefully then unwanted material will not be in access to their child.

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Some parents are worried about the fact that the messages are hidden so they can’t see with whom the children are chatting. Their children are using it for chatting other than games.

I do believe that children should be given freedom but to some extent. No app is bad if you are using it wisely and according to your age. Here it is the responsibility of parents to keep an eye on their children in a friendly mood.

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