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It has yet to be seen whether or not Samsung will be able to recover from disasters such as the release of the Note 7 and the Pixel launch. In hopes that it will, however, there is a heavy push on the boundaries of the next smart phone, which is said to come with an “all-screen” design.

To date, all smart phone have been covered by a solid piece of glass in the front, but the area underneath usually contains a black frame. This is normally where all the essential components rest, such as the earpiece, sensors and front-facing camera. However, it is this very piece that the S8 looks to get rid of. Instead of a frame, the new device uses ultrasound technology for the sensing of proximity, the selfie camera and the speaker, which will be built into the screen.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to have a 5.1 inch or 5.5 inch size, much like the S7, but this one is expected to have a wraparound display. It has even been rumored that the screen will be as large as 6.2 inches, however there has been no final word on this yet. The new material used in making it is expected to last longer and use a lesser amount of power. The Diamond PenTile subpixel technology will be replaced with a standard RGB technology, giving it a higher pixel count in the end.

In the area of software, there will be a new voice assistant that will be quite a bit different from anything currently on the market with some added features as well as AI enhancement. While resolution is expected to remain the same, the headphone jack will be replaced with a USB-C port.

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With the new Galaxy S8, it looks as if the home button will be a feature of the past. In addition, iris scanner and fingerprint sensor are going to be making an appearance, and the placement below the display itself is something that many are hoping for.

While none of the expected specs are completely confirmed, it is a well known rumor that the S8 will have a 4k screen, Snapdragon 830 SoC and a C port via USB when it becomes unveiled in February 2017. Typically known for its Exynos chip or Qualcomm Snapdragon, it is a trend that is expected to continue with the S8 with better performance and optimization.

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