Best Dating Apps for Valentines Day 2017

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Just when you think that dating apps couldn’t possibly get a new facelift, entrepreneurs in Chicago give the game a few new twists that just might change the way these apps are viewed. Since mobile apps for dating make up roughly one-quarter of the entire industry’s revenue, it would only make sense to come up with some new ones that were perhaps a bit different from all the others.

Jybe is a local Chicago dating site that was created by resident, Jill Rudman. The site targets those aged 35 to 65 years and makes it a point to see that the names, ages and addresses of all members are strictly verified. The verification process is meant to attempt to eliminate those who tend to lie about these things, or about their marital status. Membership can be paid by the month, at $99 dollars per month, or it can be paid for a three-month period at $250. is another type of site geared for not only Valentine’s Day, but any special day as well, and gives their members a real variety from which to choose. They can choose unlimited dating packages that can include salsa dancing, dinner cruises and cocktail classes, all for a monthly fee. Site founder James Parker says that he came up with the idea for a site after a friend asked him where he came up with all of his great dating ideas. This gave him the idea that a site, which featured dating ideas that were already planned out, might just have a place in today’s busy society.

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Konveau is a service that had an original purpose of allowing people to meet professionals at places such as networking events and conferences. It is not used for singles events as well, according to developers. On Konveau, users can fill out a questionnaire that will allow them to search events and get a quick idea of others attending the event that might have interests similar to their own. They can also register for the events that come up in their search results, right from the site itself.

Tinder ( see tinder app here)

All new sites such as these start out with a desire to be the next big thing, however, very few actually reach that destination. Since many webs users today often bounce around from one free app to the next, it can be hard to establish a base set of users who stay.

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