Stop Hackers from Spying on your iPhone with SektionEins & VPN Apps

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Apple offers a fair level of protection for the iPhone users however it does not guarantee total security, as a result of which pro iOS hackers are able to spy on your device causing security concerns. Here are two recently launched security apps that will stop hackers from spying on your iPhone.

System and Security Info

SektionEins‘ latest offering named the ‘System and Security Info’ is an amazing app that offers in-depth security to the iPhone users. It not only identifies the unsolicited jailbreaks but also raises alarm when other apps behave in a suspicious manner.

Although there are several apps that provide jailbreak detection, most of them usually search for files that show signs of a jailbreak. However, the makers of ‘System and Security Info’ claim that their app can exactly tell which jailbreak was used and also informs you if the normal security layers have been impacted. It also checks for codes and tampered signatures

The app is capable of identifying private jailbreaks that use public iOS tricks. SektionEins, the company that has made the app said that their app is capable of churning out a list of processes that are running in iOS 9. The checks will come with malware protection and any application that acts in a suspicious way will be flagged.

This app received clearance on the App Store recently as there were a few concerns regarding its use. Apple had claimed that the app might block a few APIs (application programming interfaces), which is that part of the code which a permits the outside access of specific applications.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is yet another useful app that claims to provide security for iOS. Opera has recently launched a free virtual private network that claims to offer protection to iPhone users from hackers. The VPNs are known to route traffic through various servers to hide the IP address of any user at the time of encrypting traffic.

Opera allows its users to select any one of five different location options – USA, Singapore, Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands. The browser has also added a special feature to its VPN and it removes any ad-tracking cookies in order to provide some additional security.

VPNs are used as a privacy tool and as well as a means for bypassing blocks that allow access to iPhone content from specific locations.

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