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Are you looking for an affordable smartphone! Are you looking for a Nokia smartphone! Nokia Lumia 520 was the most popular Windows Phone device and Nokia Lumia 525 was its upgrade launched last year. Let us review these smartphones below.

Camera Quality & Video

Both the phones offer 5MP camera in addition to the tap to focus feature. The camera quality is not too bad either. However, none of the phone come with a flash feature meaning you will need to do all your photography during the day time.

Video: Both these smart phones can offer you with a video quality of up to 720p which is pretty acceptable considering their market value.


Both the smart phones feature a 1 Gigahertz Dual Core CPU which is known to offer a very decent performance.

Internal Storage

The Lumia 520 comes with a 512 MB RAM along with 8 GB of internal storage memory whereas the Lumia 525 features 1 GB of RAM and has internal storage of up to 8 GB.

Both 520 and 525 offer 6.5 GB of free internal storage for the users. Hence, you can go eve without the SD card for quite some time because you’ll still be having almost 2 GB of internal space left even after installing majority of the popular applications.


Lumia 520: This phone was able to play the heavy graphics game pretty smoothly without any hanging, or glitches. But it tends to heat up if you play the games for a longer duration, especially if you’ve a slow external card. Still, this hardly impacted the game performance

Lumia 525: Similar to the Lumia 520, the Lumia 525 does a very good job in gaming.

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Both the phones feature a 1430 mAH battery.


The speakers are good even in high volume mode. But the sound quality might deviate a little if you try to play the games with full volume.

Display Quality

Both the phones feature an IPS LCD screen that offers much improved viewing angles as compared to the previous Lumia models. Hence if you have a couple of persons watching your screen, then they’ll be able to see same colors as you are.

Design and Built

Both of these smart phones are rectangular shaped. The designs look excellent and the build quality is also good.


Although you might need to pay a little extra, Nokia Lumia 525 seems to be a much better choice as it packs a greater RAM capacity. Other than that, both of these phones look very identical in terms of specs, performance, design, and built.

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