Nokia RM-1106 Smartphone was Uncovered in GFX Bench

Lumia  Nokia RM

RM-1106 Smartphone is a handset with a 5.2” screen and a brand new chipset. It is a powerful Smartphone with HR as confirmed by GFXBBench. The specs of Nokia RM-1106 show a 17MP camera (probably a 20MP sensor in 16:9 modes) together with 2160p video recording. The selfie camera of this Smartphone is a 5MP/1080p shooter.

Just like the rumors claim, the chipset is a bit suspicious and it lists a hexa-core processor and an Adreno 430 GPU also. At present, the 430 is found in the Snapdragon 810 with an octa-core only. This particular development could be an unannounced chipset combining the best parts of Snapdragon 810 and 808, as the GPU of the LG4 was correctly detected by GFX. RAM is listed as 1.5GB, which means 2GB total.

While 3GB is being expected, the rumors were promising as much. The available storage is 27GB remaining from 32GB total. GFXBench debuted the most recent Smartphone running under Windows Phone in the popular base that is hiding under the codename of Nokia RM-1106 and the market will most likely debut as a Microsoft Lumia 940. Therefore, what can we expect?

Nokia RM-1106 exhibited a responsible central unit performance with an integrated Adreno 430 graphics chip that has gained support from the 2 GB of RAM during tests. Hence, every point will use 8-core of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. This is to ensure the effective functioning and smooth operation of Windows Phone, which be presented in Full HD display with a diagonal 5.2”.

It is noteworthy that the Central Unit is equipped with six cores in the database, before going further. Therefore, the performance of Snapdragon 810 cannot be guaranteed or maybe Microsoft will take decision on Snapdragon 808 by the end. A 17-megapixel sensor that is able to take pictures at a maximum resolution of 4992 x 3744 pixels and also record video footage in the quality of UHD, is located on the rear panel of Nokia RM-1106.

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