Samsung Galaxy S8 – What to Expect from New Samsung’s Smartphone

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Samsung did not have a lot of luck riding on its side in 2016. Although the year started with a lot of promise with the release of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that managed to get good reviews. There was a lot of hope associated with Galaxy Note 7 but it did not turn out as expected.

Now, the company has a lot of expectations with its Galaxy S8 that will be launched in early 2017. Interestingly, there are several rumors about Samsung S8 doing the rounds. In this article we will discuss the top 5 rumors that you may or may not have heard of.

There will not be a fingerprint scanner anymore

Instead of having a separate button on the phone, the Samsung S8 will probably feature an optical-based fingerprint sensor. This sensor will be positioned below the smartphone display and thus it will make space for other features on the device. As it will now be a part of the display, it will increase the waterproofing ability of the phone.

Samsung S8 will boast a larger display

If the rumors are to be believed then the upcoming Samsung S8 will come with an OLED display that is larger than earlier models. This will go perfectly with the concept of having a fingerprint scanner positioned beneath the display. The screen will probably also have 4K resolution and rumors suggest that a curved screen might also be on cards.

Improved and advanced camera

The Samsung S8 will feature a much improved and advanced camera. We are hopeful that it will come with stunning design and awesome features. Rumors suggest that the company is working on a camera that will have something between 18 and 24-megapixel. Other improved features are also considered and this will result in more detailed pictures.

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A much improved and more helpful assistant

Apple devices boast a cool Siri that is a highly helpful assistant and Google already has its Google Assistant. Now, Samsung has the challenge to come up with something better that will be much advanced than Siri and other assistants. Viv, the cool new assistant will be able to answer even the most complex questions and have a human-like conversation.

Bid farewell to your old accessories

We expected Galaxy S7 to come with a USB-C port but it did not happen, but with Samsung S8 it will most probably be realized. The USB-C will be able to provide a reversible connection and support several protocols. You will be able to charge using this port and also plug in your earphones. You may have to bid farewell to your old accessories as they will need to be upgraded. The device will definitely be thinner due to this.

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