What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus & WhatsApp?

whatsapp vs whatsapp plus


In the first place, the modified version of WhatsApp Plus App allows you customize your WhatsApp account the way you want. It also gives users the opportunity of changing the conversation widgets, screen, the colors and size of the header among others. It is noteworthy at this point that WhatsApp+ has more than 2000 pre-build themes.

New Emoticons

Apart from the emoticons provided by WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus comes with additional new emoticons. Regrettably, other users who have installed the original version cannot see these emoticons.

Sending files without changing the size

You ought to have observed that a number of files that you have sent making use of WhatsApp were reduced in size. With new WhatsApp Plus, you can now share images and other files just exactly the way they are. Don’t forget the fact that you also have an option for changing the size of the files. You can also change the quality of videos and images, just like the original version.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus

You can download WhatsApp Plus only when you have uninstalled WhatsApp. However, make sure that you have saved all your conversations, before uninstalling the official WhatsApp. Then, look for WhatsApp+ APK file on the Internet as you cannot find the app on Google Play store.

How safe is the App Safe?

Don’t think that WhatsApp Plus app is not safe, due to the fact that it is not available from the official Google Play Store. On the other hand, you must be very careful about downloading apps from third-party stores. Apps that are identified as not genuine or harmful are always deleted by Google.
This could probably be the reason Google deleted WhatsApp Plus from its store. Furthermore, in January 2015, WhatsApp imposed a 24-hour ban on users trying to access the service by making use of WhatsApp Plus.

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The Verdict

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are totally different from each other, in view of the fact that the two of them use the same license. They have similar features, but WhatsApp plus have gone an extra mile to incorporate a few extra features.
WhatsApp Plus is the ideal alternative to official WhatsApp. However, the WhatsApp official version is recommended, if the security of the two apps is taken into account. Nevertheless, you better get on it since it provides a lot of added features, if you are not concerned about your privacy.

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