Security Flaw in Galaxy S8 can create trouble to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S

This week Samsung Galaxy S8 hits the market. This is a comeback of Samsung from its RIP Note 7. There are very fewer cons of Samsung Galaxy S8 as compared to its pros. But a con which is hitting the web related to its security issue is a specific con.

Reviewers suggest a flaw in Galaxy S8 related to its facial recognition feature. The thing you know about facial recognition is that you can unlock your phone by showing your face. And this facial recognition is so good that it can unlock the device faster than the fingerprint scanner. But MarcianoPhone, a Periscope user made a video regarding the face recognition feature of Galaxy S8 in which he fooled this feature by a photo of the phone’s owner.

In the video, he shows that it take a little bit long time to unlock Galaxy S8 with the photo but still it is a risk regarding to biometric and security feature. And actually, the photo he was showing is a selfie which was taken from another Galaxy S8. It shows that that phone can be unlocked even when the owner is sleeping.

By the way, Samsung tells that facial recognition technology is not a security feature. It is just another way to go to the home screen, keeping aside slide to unlock method. Samsung spokesperson tells Business Insider that facial recognition is just a convenient method to open your phone which is similar to old swipe to unlock method. He said that Samsung offers other levels of biometric authentication such as fingerprint and IRIS. Samsung even said that user should not use facial recognition feature as their primary unlocking feature because it can be tricked by some of the images that look similar to you.

But if we compare it to Windows Hello which is a biometric authentication system of Microsoft then we can get that Windows Hello can accurately differ the identical twins. And another upper hand feature of Windows Hello is that users can activate a feature in which he turns his head left or right before the device unlock. Due to this feature, any image can’t spoof this system.

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But apart of this, there are many pros of Galaxy S8 due to which users are eagerly waiting for it. The phone will be on sale from April 21.

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