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The Klyph Messenger for Facebook is a chatting application for Facebook. With this Mobile Messenger Application, you will get a simple, light, and clean interface that you will enjoy while chatting with your family and friends.

Features of Klyph Messenger

  • Ability to chat while on Landscape or Portrait mode that ensures you are able to view your conversations in a superb way.
  • Ability to send messages to your friends who are offline, whereby they will receive these messages via SMS.
  • Change notification options with much easy. With this feature, you will customize notifications in a way that best suits you.
  • Dark/Light themes that are easily customizable. This is more so important to people who are light sensitive or people who enjoy very light themes.
  • Emoticons support. We are living in an era and period where people communication their feelings and expressions with emoticons. This app takes you a further step of ensuring that you are getting almost all the emoticons that you essentially need to tell people what you are feeling. Whether you are sleepy, tired, happy, or sick you will get an emoticon that best expresses this.
  • Its search bar makes it easy for you to search different conversations. This feature perfectly suit those people who have a very long list of friends and conversations and would like to find a given conversation or friend.
  • A well designed friend list and conversation list that has been organized in a nice precision.

Klyph Messenger is Currently Not Supporting the Following

  • It doesn’t provide an interface for sending and receiving stickers. Whereas you will be able to share emoticons, this app does not support stickers. It will therefore suit you if you don’t like them.
  • Klyph app cannot send nor receive attachments files. Therefore, you will not be able to share videos, photos, files, audios, and any other multimedia.
  • It also doesn’t provide for multi-user conversation, meaning that you cannot send messages but you will be able to read them.
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