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Zinc was founded 3 years ago by two ex-employees from Yammer along with Slack, Atlassian. Stacey Epstein, who is the current CEO at Zinc now plans to sell the app to a completely different audience. Most of the Zinc Messenger users do not have a desk job, and they are on-the – field workers who spend most of their times on delivery vehicles, trucks or on the site.

People who are involved in this type of profession comprise of nearly 80% of workforce in the United States that is nearly 20 million people. According to another field service software firm, the estimation of the total revenue for this market is approximately 18 billion US dollars.

Epstein says messaging apps and texting have become quick and effective means of communication and most people prefer to communicate in this way. These types of communication is polar because the texts are short, easy to read, fast and easily accessible for all.

Despite this, most of the communication tools available for workers are usually the opposite. They are noisy and clearly not designed for the mobile device.

Last week this San Francisco-based startup received about $5 million at an early-stage to expand its sales resources. Zinc initially took off as a texting software for co-workers working in a company however the service soon coupled up with various other cloud services by Asana, Evernote, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, Trello, and Salesforce.

These apps are capable of tracking the social comments that are posted on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They may also use the app as a kind of walkie-talkie to make voice calls.

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Jim Dellinger, the VP of field service said that Vivint tested the messaging app with a bunch of 50 people before making it available to some 1200 odd technicians at the beginning of this year.  This software makes it possible for the company to clearly communicate about the new service requests or implement process changes quickly. The workers used to follow a rigid and traditional system in the past but they are now able to get responses much quickly from their supervisor.

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