Major Telegram Update Launched for Ubuntu Smartphones

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There had been major Telegram update launched for Ubuntu phones in view of the fact that the Touch users of Ubuntu were requesting for an update for this particular messaging app on their phones. With the newest Telegram update that is actually a fantastic one; their request has finally been granted.

It is noteworthy that the Touch platform has relatively a few apps, but Telegram app is one of the most important, and it has just received an update.

One of the many questions beckoning for response as a result of this piece of news is perhaps associated with Whatsapp and its accessibility on the Ubuntu phones. However that is something that no one can really talk about.

Telegram does things quite differently, not like Whatsapp, which does have a complementary API that can be incorporated discretely from the main application. This gave opportunity to many Ubuntu Core App developers to come up with a Telegram app exclusively for this system. It is a very difficult task, as it takes quite a while pending big changes are made.

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