Download the Latest Version of Instagram Direct App

Download the Latest Version of Instagram Direct App

Download the Latest Version of Instagram Direct App

Take Advantage of the New Feature of Instagram Direct App. This new feature allows users to send videos and private messages to each other is now introduced to the latest version of Instagram Direct app. With this new feature, you can send video and photo to up to 15 people and goes to the private messages of the users. However, you need to download the latest version of Instagram Direct from the Google Play Store, in order for you to take advantage of this new feature.

How to Take Advantage of the New Feature Using Nexus 4 on Android 4.4.2 OS

1- Your Inbox

An innovative mail box icon button is now available on top of the newsfeed in Instagram that will allow you to view those messages sent or received by you. You will also get some alerts for comments on all older threads you have posted. This new Inbox Button on top of the Newsfeed is with the innovative edition of the AndroidPIT or Instagram Direct App.

2- Sending a Private Message

You can click on the INBOX button in order to send a private message from the application. When you carry out this operation, this new inbox will open up. As soon as it is opened, go ahead to click on the PLUS button that shows above the INBOX.

You will then be able to go into your gallery and choose a picture or even take a picture, once you have done this. You would also be able to choose the person you will send the photo, once you have selected a filter and edited your picture. Nevertheless, you can only send a picture to only those people that you are following on the Instagram social network and they can be up to 15 recipients.

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3- Managing Your Inbox

With the new features of the Instagram Direct App, you have a few options to manage or keep your inbox organized. You can only delete the thread you have created, instead of being able to hide any video or photo. This will automatically remove the photo from both the inbox of those people you sent the photo or video and your Instagram. On the other hand, when something is sent to you by someone, you can hide it from your inbox.

The new feature of Instagram Direct App also offers you the choice of ignoring future messages from contacts by choosing OPTION in the options menu. What do you think about the new features of Instagram Direct App? Have you given them a try?

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