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Connect quickly and easily with KIK Codes from KIK Messenger. Have you been seeking and easier way to connect to your fellow KIK Messenger users? If yes, you will then be a bit happier with the introduction of KIK Codes. This will make your connection with other users very easy.

It was confirmed by KIK Company that the KIK Code will allow you to connect easily and quickly with the world around you. Just scan a code to get a chat opened and send a message to any user on the platform instantly. Scanning a Code lets you share a group with a friend or join such a group.

You can modify the color of the Code for more personal touch by just tapping on it.

The KIK Codes are like SnapCodes that let you go beyond users and connect to various groups as well as add contextual information. In view of the fact that the Codes are flexibly sharable, they can easily be shared online and get printed out for you to make them a bit viral.

it was reported that Android and iOS users can download the newest update to benefit from these KIK Codes. Regrettably, KIK has not even spoken a word concerning its plan for the Windows Phone.

To scan a Kik Code:

  1. To open the scanner screen, just pull down from the top of your main chats list. 
  2. Point the device of your camera at the KIK Code

You can get KIK Codes on the most recent version of KIK for Android 4.0 and iOS. When you share your KIK Code on Instagram or Twitter, it will be visible to people who can see your profile on those sites or applications and will have the opportunity of chatting with you.

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Messages from new people will show in your New Chats list, while you have the choice to begin a chart with them or block, delete, or report as spam.

Finally, to use KIK Codes successfully, it may require you to update the app on your Android, iPhone or iPod, said KIK.

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