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OOVOO is an experience that will delight and amaze you. It is an application that is powering every connection. It allows you to video call with up to 12 friends and offers you the opportunity to send video, picture, and text messages among others. OOVOO messenger application is totally and completely free and loaded with astonishing features. It offers you free voice calling, screen sharing, one-on-one and group video calling.

All you need to remove ads at any time is to upgrade to OOVOO Premium. Click on ‘Remove ads’ or go to ‘My Account’ anywhere in the app to learn more. Share better moments with OOVOO Messenger App.

Put your Best Face Forward

Put your best face forward and get the messaging and video chat app with the highest quality sound and picture. The patented Superclear OOVOO technology delivers incredible crystal clear audio and video clarity.

Use Oovoo Messenger app to connect with friends and family on any device

OOVOO is available on PC, Windows Phone, Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Android Smartphone and Amazon Fire Phone. OOVOO is just everywhere.

Oovoo Features

  • Free texts, Voice Calls and Video Calls – you can chat with your friends for as long as you want. OOVOO works with you data plan or Wifi network to ensure that all your texts and calls are free.
  • Free Video Calls in a high-quality video chat with up to 12 people, making use of SuperClear technology over WiFi, LTE, 3G and 4G without increasing data consumption.
  • Astonishing audio for the duration of a call – echo termination and crystal clear audio to make you sound great always.
  • Free Voice Calls – converse with family and friends at the next door or all over the world, for as long as you like.
  • Free Group Chats
  • Free Texts features – The integrated one-touch calling will make you enjoy group chats and to easily move from a chat to video call. Change group name and picture.
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OOVOO Messenger app is a cross platform that works on any device. It is available on over 300 trendy Android tablets and phones.

Download Oovoo app.

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