Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

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While some of the things that your iPhone can do are hidden in plain sight, some of them are just not common knowledge. Siri can also help out a bit as well, but most of these are available on iOS 8 and higher.

By simply pulling down the notification and swiping left when you have a text notification, you can respond to them directly, without the need for unlocking your iPhone. You can also respond to a text while using an app in much the same way. Simply swipe down to access the notification and answer the same as you would if your screen was locked.

You can easily find the exact apps that are taking up the most battery power quickly and easily. Simply go into settings, and then go into battery. All the information is right there for you.

There is a very easy way to access every single photo anyone has ever texted you. Open the message thread and while in the app, press the button labeled “details” in the upper right corner of the screen. They will all be there.

Did you know that you could send audio and video messages that will self destruct? Go to settings, and then to messages and scroll all the way down. You should notice a section for these messages and you will then be able to choose to let them expire after two minutes or never.

If you would like to let a friend with whom you are texting know your location, you do not have to go to the trouble of explaining it in details. Simply tap the “details” button in the upper right section and select the “send my location” option. You can also let friends and family members know exactly where you have been, in much the same way. Instead of choosing “send my location” you can select “share my location” and then set parameters for an hour, until the end of the day or until you choose to stop sharing your location.

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If you see that your battery is running low and you do not have a charger nearby, you can switch the functionality to grayscale mode to save your power. Go into settings, then general, then accessibility and tap “grayscale”. This will give you all the basic functionality you need without using up too much battery power.

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