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It has taken time for many developers to embrace phone Widgets debuted nearly a year ago. There are many great widgets that are essential to put quick actions, live information and gaming goodness in a one touch way. Did you ignore the possibilities with notification center widgets? It’s time to reconsider your decision. This article outlines the best choices to get you started and spend less time swiping to locate the right widget. Our top widgets for iphone are Yahoo Weather, ESPN, Chrome, Dropbox, PCalc, Nuzzel, iTranslate and Evernote.

Yahoo Weather iPhone widget

This widget should do more than just giving the forecasts; therefore, it should look great. It’s a free app, and it puts what’s typically a great along with the forecast details. This app is much better than the iPhone's default weather app. With Yahoo weather widget, you may add a little sunshine to your dreary day.

ESPN iPhone widget

ESPN is free and a great app but you’ll only get more out of it if you use it. This app cycles through the scores of your favorite teams. All you need is to tap on one of the scorers and get the specs of the contest inside the app.

Chrome iPhone widget

It’s a great widget if Chrome is your go-to browser. When you swipe down the browser to reveal the widget or conduct a voice search. Arguments raised by some people show that Google's voice recognitions and search capabilities are stronger than those of Siri's.

Drop box iPhone widget

Are you a heavy drop boxer? Then, this is your widget. It helps you get to your recent files quickly, launch it and use edit.

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PCalc iPhone widget

The PCalc widget is relatively cheap if you are looking for faster access to a calculator. It’s the best calculator on an app store and position itself to the right of the widget area making it easy to do a quick number crunch.

Nuzzel iPhone widget

This is the best widget for social networks. The app is free, and it taps into your social networks and give you a collection of articles that you might be interested with. It teases you with a few articles and, then takes you into the app if you want to explore details.

iTranslate iPhone widget

It’s the best widget if you are trying to learn a second language. It’s simple to use, just paste any text that you have copied to the clipboard into the widget, and it will launch you into the app for translation.

Evernote iPhone widget

It’s ideal for heavy Evernote users. This widget puts your most recently viewed notes on a one swipe way, along with buttons to add more utilities like new notes, photo, reminders, or chats. Evernote is the fastest widget to launch a new action.

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