Kik Messenger Introduces Storyz and Suggested Responses

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Kik has introduced a few new features already this year. They’re both user-friendly and noticeable, but not too blunt and have the developers shaking with anticipation. The first feature is called Storyz and it’s the biggest update that Kik will pump out all year (according to Kik developers).

The idea behind Storyz starts with the fact that Kik users love to have fun and use their creative sides on social media. With the introduction of this new feature, Kik users are now able to share snippets of videos from their daily lives. These snippets expire exactly 23 hours and 57 minutes after they are shared by the user. Storyz are not only fun, but they also allow users to maintain a certain level of privacy thanks to their automatic expiration timers. These timers are reminiscent of those found in other popular apps.

According to Kik developers, Storyz is supposed to be a creative outlet for loyal Kik users. If the feature is successful, developers may improve it and make it even better.

In the same breath but at a different time, Kik has also introduced another feature called Suggested Responses. Suggested responses within the app are responses that appear in a pop up when users are texting through the Kik app. These suggested responses are exactly what they sound like- responses that Kik thinks might be good suggestions for the users next reply.

Some users may find this feature bothersome and if so, they can disable the new feature in their app settings. For other users, though, these suggestions will prove to be helpful and save the user a few seconds of typing per message (a few seconds per message can add up quickly!). The new feature can be thought of as similar to auto-correct, except that instead of making corrections, the suggestion feature just suggests things and allows the user to correct their sentence.  The feature suggests multiple different suggestions and the user can choose which one he or she likes best, or ignore the suggestions all together and continue on with their original response.

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If Kik users respond well to these updates, they’ll become a permanent fixture within the Kik messaging app.

What do you think of these updates? Were they worth the time and effort that the developers put into them? Will you be using them next time you sign in to Kik?

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