Qualcomm build 4G connectivity chips for low-end devices

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Recently, Qualcomm reveals new chips known as the Qualcomm 205 processor or mobile platform, which makes it possible for low-end phones to connect to 4G. However, this innovation is the first of its kind in the tech industry and it seems to be their first design since they rename their processor lineups to “mobile platform”. Early this year, Qualcomm rename its chip as “mobile platform” and promise to make chips with the latest tech for low-end phones. However, the chip is a step forward to produce less expensive mobile phones for the masses.

The Qualcomm 205 processor or mobile platform is the first cheap 200-series chip from Qualcomm. It does not feature a Snapdragon like its predecessors but it is integrated with LTE to allow mobile phones to use high services. Qualcomm confirmed that the chip is built to allow low-end mobile phones to be able to perform services like online banking, to stream videos and music and to support voice over LTE (VoLTE) services.

Another reason why made the mobile chip is to make high-quality phones available for users in developing countries at a cheap rate. Qualcomm wrote in a post that the chip is majorly built for mobile phone users in Africa, Latin America, India and other developing regions so that they can easily buy them.


As we all know the Qualcomm 205 processor is made for low-end phones, and this makes it to features specs that are a bit low so that they will be compatible with the device they are made for. The Chip contains 1.1GHz dual CPUs with Adreno GPU, it will be able to support a maximum screen display of 480p and will feature a 3-megapixel front and back cameras.

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Moreover, the device supports a 4G LTE modem that has a download/upload speed of 150/50 Mbps and supports VoLTE (voice over LTE) and voice of Wi-Fi. According to the latest post from Qualcomm VP, Kondap Kedar, He said that the Qualcomm 205 mobile platforms will give us the opportunity to take 4G enabled phones and services to the common masses at a very cheap price.

Chips release date

From the latest news from Qualcomm officials, they confirmed that the chips are now being produced and the mobile phones that will be compatible with the chip will be available to the masses in the next six month.

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