The Google Messenger v1.5 Update that Utilizes the Direct Share API

Direct Share API

The Google Messenger v1.5 is set to launch an update that makes use of Direct Share API. This means that this latest development will bring offer Android 6.0 Direct Share Support. This API will make it possible for users to share items more quickly with the intended targets.

With the Direct Share API, the people you contact frequently will automatically appear in the share menu, instead of having to click the share button and then scroll through a list of apps, followed by the next list to look for the person, contact or otherwise. This will therefore eliminate the need to search for them exclusively. The more frequently you share with particular people, the longer this people will remain part of your new Direct Share preferences.

With the final launching of Marshmallow, Google had prepared quite a lot of its apps, in view of the fact that Google Messenger app is set to get an update that utilizes the Direct Share API. Consequently, you can now download the app and check out the way the Direct Share API already runs, looks, and works, if you are in the category of people who are already running the newest Developer Preview. You can download and sideload the APK to your device, if you are interested in doing so. Downloading it to your device is not as difficult as you may envisage.

The launching and the final release of Android 6.0 aka Marshmallow will not only come shipping on the two Nexus devices, it will also bring a number of those features that are already in the previous Developer Preview releases. In a nutshell, the capability to make use of the Direct Share API was a feature that was announced for Marshmallow earlier in the year.

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