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Do you know the most recent version of Instagram has direct messaging service as well? Until now, any comments or posted to any Instagram public account was visible to anybody. While openness of Instagram now is a part of its own appeal, there might come in a time at which you want to get in touch with a user or a small group of the users for multitude of reasons. That is the reason why these changes have been made.

What is Instagram’s Direct Messaging?

Instagram’s direct messaging lets you to send images or videos to another user directly. The user you choose are the ones who will get the images, located in separate inboxes.

How to Send Instagram Direct Messages?

There are two methods to send straight messages: by choosing any audience while you upload any new image or via the inboxes.

1- Audiences Selector

When uploading any new video or image to Instagram, you’ve the option to select to submit/send them to Followers or even Direct.

The default now here is Followers, thus you’ll have to simply click on Direct in order to choose the user you want to get in touch with.

Instagram offers a recommended list of the users with whom you’ll interact regularly, so you might have to just scroll down to locate a particular user. Or, there’s an alphabet menu available on right of your screen which assists you to narrow down your list. There is 15 users limit to number of individuals you can add on to any direct message.

From here, add your images caption, choose the users whom you wish to send the messages to and hit the send.

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2- Through Inbox

Your messages inbox can be easily found in upper corner of this app. If you’ve any new message, you will see notification for it.

Instagram makes you walk through same uploading procedure; however, in that case the audiences defaults to Direct.

You can send direct messages to anybody on Instagram. In case you send messages to somebody who isn’t following you, the messages will go to pending message folder, wherein users select if they desire to accept the direct message from you.

There in fact are many ways the marketers can utilize Instagram direct messages. For instance, you can take customer service discussions to direct messages to avoid having the public conversations which might damage your brand. Any other idea? What about sending the VIP customers special sales code or offer.

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