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Recently, the partnership of the viral messaging app, Viber, and the prevalent social games provider, Gamee, came to the light. The digital games provider, Gamee, stated that the teaming with Viber has a main goal of reaching a wider audience, and in collaboration with the notorious app, this goal is to be achieved easily.

The initial aim of the partnership between the two parties, Viber and Gamee, is to present the masses with a chat feature that contains more than 70 games; the games that are going to be made available via the messaging app, Viber, is targeted towards the various app users, who are, after the initiation of the new games, going to be introduced to a more diverse range of entertainment provided by Gamee.

Interestingly, the gaming chat feature presented by Gamee is to allow Viber users to have access to a wide variety of games whilst chatting with the other person. Consequently, the Viber user is going to be playing games, and simultaneously having his regular daily chats. However, the partnership between the two services has multiple facets; in addition to the wide variety of audiences targeted, it seems that the international deteriorating rates of new apps utilization amongst smartphone users prompted the two parties to bond together in an attempt to revive and refresh the apps downloading processes between numerous oblivious app users.

Additionally, the CEO of Gamee declared that the partnership with Viber Messenger has the potential of expanding the gaming experience across the globe. As Viber is considered one of the humongous messaging apps out there, and with a customer-base of nearly one billion users, the formula to be presented by Gamee via Viber is going to be made even more accessible whilst chatting.

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The advantages of utilizing a notorious messaging app like Viber are numerous; of course, Gamee is aware that Viber is aiming to provide its users with more than just a regular chatting experience and hence the best quality products and services are the most desired by Viber users world-widely. One the other hand, Viber is looking forward to increasing its fan base and aiming to expand its services via creating global communities. Viber’s partnerships with FC Barcelona and Olympique Marseille, for instance, bring together more users and individuals with similar interests. Nevertheless, if the Viber and Gamee collaboration is conducted rightfully, the social platform is going to achieve one aspect of its massive aim of easing communication and bringing individuals together via a unified social platform.

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