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shake launcher app

Shake Launcher app allows you to launch whichever app you wish. With this app you can launch Facebook, WhatsApp, Music Player or any other app. With Shake app, you have complete control over disabling or enabling certain features of your Android device that you will do on call contact, flight mode, brightness, WiFi, and lots more.

Furthermore, Shake app allows you to shake both vertically and horizontally while you can customize your preferred app that you wish to launch for each shake type. It has the capability to launch apps even when your screen is off.

You can easily customize the shake sensor sensitivity level from the settings panel, in order not to break your phone in the course of shaking your gadget energetically.

Shake launcher is among the numerous launcher apps that allow you to launch your much loved app, right away. As there are a lot of apps for launching apps and at the same time, there are also loads of alarm clock apps that allow you to launch your preferred app as soon as the alarm stops.

Shake application works professionally by allowing you to launch your favorite app immediately, irrespective of the app you wish to launch. With many shake lock apps available, you can lock your screen by shaking your phone. Give shake app a try to launch your preferred app by just shake your Android device.

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