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Have you ever wished to make a call from anywhere for free of charge? It might sounded like a pennypincher’s wet dream at first, but within the rise of technology in communication, we have seen various apps like Skype or Kakaotalk that allows you to make a voice call and even video call for free by only utilizing the internet packet data service. So it is not strange that someone will has the nerve to put mobile phone carrier company into bankruptcy by making phone calls and messaging for free using internet line.

What things you can do with Google Voice? Here we list several cool things that you can do with the newest Google Service.

Assimilate All Mobile Calls with Google Voice

The first and foremost thing that you should do after you signing up for Google Voice is to install the mobile app onto your cell phone. Google Voice is available as multi-platform apps; you can install it on Blackberry, Android, iPhone and more. Once you are set, you can customize the app setting to send and receive calls, create voice mail, and checking for the balance needed for internet data plan for account connection. When all settings has been set, you will obtain your Google Voice number and can start making a call by clicking on “Call with Google Voice”. With this, you can get 2 numbers on your phone where you can separate the group contacts to the one who rings your original phone number and the other one who rings on your Google Voice number.

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Listen to Your Voicemail Directly

Listening voicemail directly from your phone is a luxury in the past. But you can relieve that luxury by setting up “Call Presentation” on Google Voice setting. If you turn on the call presentation, you will get an option to handle the call in several ways. By pressing 1, you can immediately accept the call. By pressing 2, you can send the caller to the voicemail while listening. By pressing *, you automatically rejects the call.

Recording Phone Calls

It is a hidden feature in Google Voice and not many people knows this, but yes, you can record phone conversation in Google Voice. By pressing 1 and 4 at the same time, you can record a telephone conversation that is happening and save it for later use. This trick can be used for online interview, police interrogation, or maybe you just want to record the voice of your significant ones. The recorded conversation files can be emailed through Google Mail, downloaded to computer as MP3, or embeeded on website. Make sure to use it moderately or you will face a lawsuit in the future.

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