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After the huge publicity it got for its “miraculous face ID unlock” feature, iPhone X, the latest child of Apple, was quite the embarrassment in the special event Apple had last week. During the demo conducted by Craig Federighi on iPhone X, the device acted just like a child who’s got too much attention and refused to unlock to Federighi’s face ID even though it was set to do so. Yet, the day was saved by the quick-thinking Craig Federighi who took another device was at hand as a backup and carried on the presentation using it.

The proud parent, Apple, defended its iPhone X by stating that the device is working fine and that mistake was in fact no mistake considering that this particular iPhone X was tested by a number of other Apple employees who tried to unlock the phone with their faces in the process of prepping for the presentation, the device didn’t unlock because none of them was the correct face ID of Craig Federighi, after many failed trials and when Craig got to the demo, the device did what it was designed for after a number of failed attempts to unlock it and requested a passcode.

The explanation Apple has provided is completely plausible, and for now we have to take Apple’s word for it as well as Federighi’s who stated that seeing the face ID working live is very miraculous and that it “just works!”. But it is still perfectly acceptable for some people to wonder whether this face ID feature will be any better of an option than the touch ID feature that was presented a few years back in iPhone 5s and became very reliable very fast since then.

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Federighi replayed to those allegations during the Apple keynote stating that when it first was announced, most people were not believing the touch ID would work, most of them said that Apple has come up with an idea that won’t work, and now, most people and every iPhone owner are worried that they would not be able to live without their touch ID feature if they are every denied from it. Federighi said that he believes this is going to be the future of the newly presented feature of face ID in iPhone X in just a few months after the feature is made available to the masses and that he and all the people at Apple are counting the days for that to happen.

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