Huawei Honor 6X Review

huawei honor

The thing which is cheap always remains cheap. However, it should include the wastage of money. The Huawei Honor 6X can be considered cheap, but sometimes the cheap get out, but it is worthy to be sold at the price of $250. In fact, if you look it as the basic phone which includes admirable social package then this is the perfect one.

This is an affordable phone which doesn’t prove to be very disappointing as it was the Huawei. Unluckily, it is going to take a hell of a time for getting the word out in the absence of the comprehensive market strategy, and without the crutch of the carrier companionship, there is stuff on the market actively evangelizing for the company. It is very bad as the Honor 6X is much better as compared to what the typical carriers offer with the affordable tiers.

The phone comes with the decent package. It includes the good mid variety of the processor, 1080p screen display, a camera which makes pictures worth sharing at the social media and a battery with long life. Although, it is not especially differentiable when compared with other dispensable phones roaming in the market these phones don’t set an example of how low budget phones must be purchased by the money conspicuous users.

The phone comes in three different colors: silver, gold and gray. The model is featured with aluminum and black texture which is much better blend than the previous versions, though the two variants hunt down if you are looking for the one.

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Talking about the processor of the phone: The Huawei Kirin 655 octa core processor is installed in the phone which makes it capable enough to run the Instagram, heavy loads of the mobile chrome tabs and Snapchat in the fine chart. The loading durations are not much longer than the usual. There are some touchscreen delays on the occasional basis, but there is still to look for other hardware or software issues on the phone.

The battery life of the phone is quite impressive. It contains the giant battery package combined with the low resolution and highly defined display, so you will have the energy savings though you may not get the high stellar 5.2-inch screen on the block. But that’s okay! The battery life worth it and the phone manages to work for 8 and a half hours straight without any power down issues.

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