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Samsung Galaxy a

No doubt, Samsung is one of the biggest names of the world of the Android, and thus if you are thinking of buying any of the new phones of the Samsung, the logic dictates that you should look online for picking up the best phone which is made by the Korean giant. However, you don’t know which phone can fulfill your needs perfectly. While it may be easier to say only that getting the Note or the recent Galaxy S, the lineup of the company is quite strong with a large variety of the phones covering the cost range of $150 to $1000.

Even much confusing it gets, few of the mid-range phones of Samsung or the entry level phones are very same in the design and features that choosing the phone can be little confusing. This is where you need to do some research. Here is a short list which includes various options that can be considered while buying a new Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

For experiencing the flagship of the Samsung without paying loads of money is now possible. The new flagship is available in the market which means that a lot of the deals are initiating to be popped up. Presently, you can purchase Galaxy S7 at the price of $430, and Galaxy S7 edge at the cost of about $600.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

The story of this phone is a little sad, but despite the whole battery explosion drama, the phone stood the most stunning one. Thanks to the new version of the phone (whose battery doesn’t explode0 will hit the South Korea and choose the markets in the upcoming days – okay so this is not available in the market now, however, this will be in the near time of the future. Just never expect it to get officially make a return to the markets of the US.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7

The Samsung Galaxy, A series including A5 and A7, is the mid-range flagships of the Samsung, getting their way towards the market by gaining the attention of the customers more as compared to the C series – at least in the UK. Though the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 are the obvious steps down from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S5 flagships, they can work perfectly for you if you are searching for the solid adventure of the Android phone at the price of $400.

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