Order Pizza, Send Flowers and Pay with Amex with Facebook Messenger App

Order Pizza, Send Flowers and Pay with Amex with Facebook Messenger App facebook messenger app order pizza 1


The Facebook Messenger app has been around for quite a while. We use it to keep up with friends and family, send cute emojis and even make and receive video calls. Group messages, calls, and videos are also possible, which makes staying in touch with large groups of people even easier than before.

But what about other stuff? There are tons of things you can do through the Facebook Messenger app that you might have never known about and we’re going to share some of those now.

Order Dominos Pizza & Facebook Messenger

Once you and your friend hook up, you can order pizza. Just go to the home screen and type @Dominos, which will start chat and ask if you’d like to “Easy Order”. You can even use the pizza emoji to do this. From there, you can choose your most recent order, or you can track an order that is currently in progress.

FB & Amex payments

To monitor your American Express transactions, simply engage the Bot for this service by typing @AmericanExpressUS. If you’ve never used this service before, you will be prompted to link up your Facebook and Amex accounts and from there, you’ll get a message on the Facebook Messenger app every time a transaction goes through. It’s perfect for anyone who has multiple users on the same Amex account.

Send Flowers with Messenger App

Everyone loves a happy thought, and sending flower is a perfect way to offer that. But did you know you could do that with the Facebook Messenger app? The 1-800-Flowers Bot can send them last minute, and all you have to do is send the delivery address through the Messenger app.

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