Google TV officially retired and replaced with Android TV

Android TV

Google has announced that support for Google TV has ended, a shift we knew was coming with Android TV swiftly gathering pace. We all know about the real fact behind, Google TV never had much success.

This news leaked from a Google+ post from Android TV groups and the Google TV about the Google TV Developers Google+ site. Their thinking is basic; Android TV is entirely swing now, supplying a remarkable expertise for customers – fundamentally, the near future is let’s reside in it.

This information arrives with a lot of CES 2015 ads, with several major names having introduced usage of Google’s new Android TV OS. We discussed Sony investing in provide Android TV for their 2015 type of Bravia TVs that were wise, but others are on-deck too.

The article was targeted at builders, but formally established anything we’d thought for some time. In its location, Android TV is here. Philips and Sony are equally to make use of the machine like Smart TV software within their 2015 versions, providing it a far greater chance in a bright future than its predecessor.

Google TV didn’t capture on, using just a few third-party and the established Nexus Participant provided limited circulation boxes utilizing the system available. A typical complaint was the system was difficult and slow to use.

“With this change, we encourage one to move your family room improvement initiatives to Android TV apps and Throw-enabled applications,” the Android TV group published in the Google+ access, showing people we have to learn about the Business’s SmartTV course.

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