Google’s Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger converts the Audio Messages into Emoji

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One of the biggest social media company, Google is working on the making of a messaging app, but this time it decided to work in the realm of audio space. At the start of this week, there has been a word going through the news, “SXSW,” the first app made from the Google’s incubator, Areas 120, but was available only for the iOS platform. Fortunately, it didn’t take much time to another messaging app to pop up in the Play Store.

The Google’s novel messaging app, “Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger” app works for both iOS and Android and is the second app to release other than the Google’s Area 120 incubator during this month. The app named Uptime works for group video chats, has been launched last week for iOS.

The Supersonic catches every word you say and converts it into an emoji quite fast. The conversion is very accurate and is done with much speed. Supersonic changes the audio message in real time as you utter the words for your friends in your phone, which makes this app a cool thing. This shows that you did need to wait for type the whole message for sending it to your friend as you can get the faster transcription.

The audio transcription app is genuinely a big mark point between the audio chat and text messaging conversations. Along with this, it has ability to read the transcript message, you can also hear the original audio voice made by the user for conversion, thus making an amazing unification of the audio voice and text message.

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Download Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger for Android

The app released a feature on the Google Assistant style bot with the name of Supersonic Help Bot. you can ask any type of question, and this bot will instantly give you the answer in its own audio voice and emoji in the text. There is a “lounge” area in the app too which you can use to search for the other Supersonic users, same as the House party’s way.

Google’s Area 120 incubator is an internal type of incubator for all the users of Google which works on the newest and latest ideas, thus, for now, the Super sonic app is not an actual official Google app. But there are chances in future that it may be combined with the already existing Google messaging apps such as Allo.

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